FriendHood is an app for platonic encounters. On FriendHood you can meet like-minded people 1-on-1 or in small groups, for activities you enjoy doing.


On FriendHood you can create plans for small groups of 2-4 people. There are hundreds of other people near you looking to be more active and to get to know new friends. Before creating your plan, you can choose which people you would be interested in meeting and a notification about your plan will go to those people only. If you don’t feel like planning something yourself, join one of the many plans near you.


Currently FriendHood is available only in Berlin, but we hope to expand our presence soon.

Our story

FriendHood has its roots in Berlin, Helsinki and London. We have all moved many times in our lives and realised that as an adult, it is not as easy to make new friends anymore. Not having our circle of friends close by kept us on the sofa a bit more often than we would have wanted to, so we decided to do something about it. 75% of the original founder team is female.