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Plans finally on FriendHood

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

If you have been wondering about our recent radio silence, it is not because we have forgotten you – in fact, we have been working hard to make FriendHood better for you.

Many of you told us that it would be nice to meet more than one person at a time. Also, finding a common time seems to be almost harder than finding a suitable person to meet. That’s why we are introducing a new feature: Plans!

Here’s how it works:

2-4 people can participate in each plan. As the host, you decide the time and place. Only the people you have saved by pulling their profile card to the right will see your plan, and if it fits their schedule and interest, they can sign up. Once at least one person signs up, a chat for agreeing on the details will open up between the host and the participants.